QCXP: The Futuristic Payment Token

Changing the Landscape of Crypto Currency

QuickX has been taking crypto currencies to remote corners of the world and enhancing the utility of QCXP and other crypto in everyday life for all the day to day activities. QuickX has launched various crypto centric products such as the world’s first Mining Watch. Its own decentralized exchange called CNexchange and blockchain wallets used by thousands across the globe for safer transactions. QuickX also facilitates the quick cross blockchain transactions.

Decentralized Exchange of the Community

CNexchange is a Decentralized Exchange with which you can easily exchange your desired crypto currencies from 55 available currencies. You can also purchase the currencies using Debit Card, Credit Card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, SEPA Payments from 47 available currencies.

The Futuristic Token

QCXP Token is ranked in the top mid cap currencies. Having been listed on six globally renowned exchanges, QCXP has been traded for over $2 Billion in two years.

Company Behind QuickX

Fighting cyber-crime, protecting integral company data since 2010.

Ranked in the Top 5 cyber security companies of India, serving Fortune 500 clients.

Strategic Partnerships

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